Sending alerts

Simple setup:  Just enter your location code where shown and click Save.  This code can be obtained by looking at the location sign posted near you when indoors by doorways, stairs and elevators and outside.  This code tells responders where you are so they can find you when you need help.  If you change your computer, laptop or tablet's location, update the code with the code found nearest your new location.


Once this information is entered and saved, you can send a request for help by clicking the Help button.

Optional text

You can include additional info to send with each alert such as the description of a person, words like "smell of smoke" and other info to let responders know what kind of help you need.  Simply enter this info where shown BEFORE you click Help.

Works just like a web page

Because QuikHelp works just like a web page does in your desktop, laptop and tablet browser, you can have it open in a separate browser tab while doing other things with your browser.  QuikHelp works with just about any internet browser without needing any special plug-ins, logins or passwords.

Receiving alerts

When your school sends out an alert, a red window will automatically display that contains alert information to help keep you informed.

Alerts may include information about an on-campus incident, a fire, storm or other emergency.  Non-emergency alerts may also be received.

Alert sounds

To hear incoming alert sounds, click the 'Turn Sound On' button (above left) and make sure sound is enabled on your device.  Click 'Off' button to mute the sound.  The sound volume can be tested and adjusted by clicking the speaker icon (above left) and adjusting your device's volume accordingly.


The alert sound from this portal is also an ideal way to alert smartphone users to launch their Notify app to view alert information.


Click in each white box below to enter info


Enter your location code

Then, click Save

No more than 6 lines of text


Sound On

Click/tap the Help button

to send a request for help


Sound Off

Your school name here

 QuikHelp alert sending AND alert receiving portal




Click to close alert window