Click/tap the Help button... send a request for help

Step 1

Step 2

Click/tap the purple box right, enter your location information as if you were describing it to 911 and then click Save.  Follow the location information  example below as a guide.

Click/tap the Help button above when you need help.  This will send your help message and location information to responders so they know where to find you without having to waste time searching for you when every second counts.

Just once

You only have to enter your location info ONCE, not every time you need help.

Location change

If you leave your office and go to another location, you can send an alert using the QuikHelp-enabled device at your new location (you can deploy QuikHelp-enabled devices throughout your workplace so that the Help button is always accessible from wherever you are.


160 character max

Click here to enter, view
or change your location


Information saved


Location info helps responders find you

Example of what to enter above

ABC Hospital

123 Main Street

City of Irvine

Radiology dept, 2nd floor, left off elevator

You can also enter other info here

(up to 160 characters total)




During an incident, you may not be able to get help by placing a phone call so it's important to be as accurate as possible when entering your location information above to enable responders to find you quickly when you need help.

Going mobile

Task bar icon

When you're not at your desk or need to flee your work area to seek safety, you can also use your smartphone to send help messages and updates to responders without needing to download an app.


Please visit the link below to learn more about our QuikHelp-Mobile solution:


QuikHelp Mobile

When using the Internet Explorer browser, click, hold and drag the small Help button in your browser's address bar above next to https:// to your task bar below and drop it into place next to your other icons.  This will enable you to access this QuikHelp interface with a click when your browser is closed.