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Why QuikHelp?

Easy setup

With QuikHelp, you can alert responders to your need for help much faster and more reliably than when trying to make a phone call.

Click the purple box right, enter your location information as if you were describing it to 911 and then click 'Save'.  Follow the location info example below as a guide.

Task bar icon

When using Internet Explorer, click, hold and drag the small 'Help' button in your browser's address bar above next to https:// (NOT THE BIG HELP BUTTON) to your task bar below and drop it into place next to your other icons.  This will enable you to access this QuikHelp interface with a click.

Just once

You only have to enter your location info ONCE, not every time you need help.
If you change your computer, laptop or tablet's location, you can edit and resave this info quickly.  You can also send alerts from other QuikHelp-enabled devices that you can have throughout your workplace such as in meeting rooms, classrooms and other work places people visit.

Emergencies and non-emergencies

Once you have entered and pre-saved your in-building location information for using QuikHelp during emergencies, you can also use QuikHelp to send non-emergency one-way messages to security.  How?  Click the 'Click here to send non-emergency message' link above, enter your message and then click the 'Send' button.

Example of what to enter above

ABC Company

123 Main Street

City of Irvine

Radiology dept, 2nd floor, left off elevator

You can also enter other info here


You're important!  This info will help responders find you quickly when you need help.

Alert Sent

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QuikHelp  Incident Communications Management System