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 QuikHelp emergency alert & mass-notification service


Sound On

Click/tap the Help button

to send a request for help


Sound Off

Tap to enable sound when using a Mac or tablet

Sending alerts

When you need help, QuikHelp makes it easy to send a request for help to your local first responders.

Simple setup

Click the purple box and enter your location information using the template below:


Your cell phone number

Your name/company name

Your address

Your cross street

Your city name

Other incident info such as your building description, floor, room/classroom number and nature of the incident


When done, click Save.  This saves your location info so that if you need help anytime thereafter, your location information will be automatically sent to first responders when you click the Help button above.  Although your cell number isn't mandatory, it could save your life in an emergency.



After you enter your info, click Save

Click Clear to hide incoming alerts

Receiving alerts

When your local or school officials need to communicate with you, a red window will automatically display left with important information to help keep you informed.


Alerts may include information about a fire, storm or other life-threatening emergency or information about what's happening at your child's school.  Non-emergency alerts may also be received such as information about missing persons, road closures, special announcements and other noteworthy information.

Simple setup

Once this page is loaded in your desktop, laptop or tablet's browser, bookmark it so that you can access it in the future with a simple click.  You can also keep it open in a separate browser tab.

Alert sounds

To hear incoming alert sounds, click the 'Turn Sound On' button above (necessary when viewing this page on a Mac or tablet).  Click 'Off' button to mute the sound.

Clear alerts to request help

If you need to send an outgoing alert for help while an incoming alert is displayed above, simply click the Clear button to access the Help button.

Click Help to request it when needed

Your information
has been saved

Click this box to change

your info if needed

Click here to enter
your location and other
incident information

When an alert is received, please share it with your family members to keep them informed.  If they are not present, let them know about each alert by calling or sending them a text message.

Share alerts when they happen