QuikHelp Incident Communications Management System



  • View alerts for help from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones here including in-building location info that tells responders where you are so they don't have to waste time searching for you

Key features

  • Ultra-simple to use; works just like an ordinary web page does in a browser that people already have and know how to use

  • No need to install any hardware, software or app AND no need to make any special facility modifications anywhere

  • View alerts at dispatch, on in-vehicle laptops/tablets and on other devices from just about anywhere you have internet

  • View automated alerts from motion
    sensors and other QuikHelp iOT devices that expand your monitoring capabilities while reducing your monitoring costs

  • View on-scene photos of unfolding incidents from user's smartphones including text and GPS location information that displays on a Google map (see right)

  • View these same alerts on smartphones—ideal for mobile security teams

  • Reduces dispatch center call volume by displaying alerts for help without having to make a phone call

  • Share access to this interface with dispatchers and first responders at the same time so that all parties are informed without having to relay this info over clogged phone lines and overloaded radio systems





EMERGENCY communications channel


SECONDARY communications channel



  • Receive one-way non-emergency messages here from QuikHelp-enabled devices such as security tips, requests for escorts etc.

During-incident alerts

  • View text alerts from those inside of buildings during an emergency that are sent from their smartphones like this:

    "I'm hiding in the storage closet inside of conference room 2 on the third floor and need help quickly"

    Alerts like this can be viewed by on-scene responders to eliminate the need for this information to be phoned into 911 and then relayed to responders

Ongoing updates for responders

  • View situational-awareness updates from those inside that smartphone users can speak into their phone to provide responders with updates like this:

    "Active shooter is wearing a red ball cap and blue backpack and is on floor 3 headed towards the elevator now"

    This critical information can be sent DIRECTLY from those inside to responders on the scene to avoid the delays that would occur if the information was phoned into 911 and then relayed to responders

GPS mapping

View alert location on a GPS map that shows where each incident is unfolding to direct responders right to the scene quickly—ideal for large companies/campuses with multiple buildings and where multiple locations are involved.

Share LIVE video from your security camera system, RECORDED video, PHOTOS and other content with first responders

Control sharing access using the sharing off/on buttons

Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash player is required to view live video

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