INCOMING Alerts From QuikHelp Devices

OUTGOING Alerts, Mapping, Photos And Video


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Mass-Notification Portal

 Step 1


1. Enter alert text above

2. Select target(s) from list

3. Click 'Send' to send alert



Mass-Notification Message-Sent Log

  1. Three simple steps (above)
    Enter alert message, click your target group(s) and then click Send
  2. Meets new DHS requirements
    Provides instant alert recall capability and two-party alert preview
  3. No sign-ups/opt-ins required
    Easy alert access without the barriers imposed by other systems
  4. No smartphone distractions
    Prevents distracted-driver accidents and alert-sender liability

QuikHelp: 911 Made Easy

  1. Simple as 911 can get
    Reach 911 with the simple tap of a button without needing to call
  2. Alerts get right through
    No calls mean no "please hold" and other call-related problems
  3. Alert sender/receiver friendly
    No complicated software/apps to download, learn or integrate
  4. Detailed location reporting
    Shows dispatchers/responders where perpetrators are to stop them sooner.  Also shows where victims are inside buildings such as floor, room etc.
  5. No need to install anything
    Can be up and running at any 911 center in less than a minute
  6. Cyber and support friendly
    Nothing to install means there's nothing for a hacker to hack
  7. Cost-effective deployment
    Works with what 911 centers have
    now—no E911 upgrade needed
  8. Simultaneous responder alerting
    Responders can see same alerts instantly to eliminate relay delays
  9. No extensive training needed
    Training takes about 5 minutes
  10. Includes built-in E911 features
    Send mass-notification messages and instantly view on-scene photos

Close window

Incident location map

Photos to facilitate visual communication

Take/send photos quickly without attaching them to a text/email. It's the ideal way to communicate and document on the fly!

This space is for viewing text that describes each photo—optional text that can be entered by the smartphone user before each photo is taken and sent to this alert viewer

Additional photos appear here in sequence in a scrollable queue

View LIVE video

from up to 8 drones

QuikHelp option