QuikHelp simple incident notification system—deploy it anywhere in just minutes


Incoming alerts from QuikHelp-enabled devices

Incoming photos, Mapper data and live video


Click Sound button to enable alert sound on Mac and iPad


Alerts from QuikHelp-enabled desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones appear here

Alert example

6/20/2018 @ 2:32 PM

Sender's cell #: 563.987.6520

Tustin High School

1171 El Camino Real

City of Tustin

Need help in the library

Student with knife making threats

GPS map link

Accurate responder routing

Tells responders where you are on a GPS map including in what building, on what floor, in what office and other incident information to minimize their response time.  Also facilitates two-way communication with alerting parties.

Text to


Sender's cell # above enables dispatchers to initiate a callback or two-way Text-to-911 session with alerting parties.

No special hardware, software, apps or facility modifications needed to deploy and use the QuikHelp system!  Also supports use of iOT devices/sensors.

Photos sent from smartphones
appear here that can be viewed by multiple parties at the same time

Photo example

This space is for viewing text that describes each photo—optional text that is entered by the smartphone user before each photo is taken and sent to this viewer

Provides responders with visual information to best manage manpower, resources and decision-making

Map GPS location of each building on your campus in just seconds

Live security-camera

video here from your

security-camera system

Close window

Incident location map


Your internet service is not working, service that QuikHelp needs to operate properly.
Please contact your IT department to fix ASAP.  Thank you.