QuikHelp Incident Notification System


Alerts from QuikHelp-enabled desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones appear here

Alert example

6/20/2018 @ 2:32 PM

OC Global Hospital

1001 N. Tustin  Avenue

City of Santa Ana

Emergency Room

Person With A Knife Making Threats

Tells responders where you are

to minimize their response time

when every second counts


Your internet service is not working, service that QuikHelp needs to operate properly.
Please contact your IT department to fix ASAP.  Thank you.


No need to install any

special hardware,

software or apps

Simple to use by anyone; training takes less than 5 minutes

Can be up and running at most facilities above in just minutes

Share alerts with your local first responders (optional feature)*

No need to make any facility modifications or pull any permits

View alerts on any web-enabled device from anywhere

Share alerts with management the moment they happen

Automatically saves each alert as a text file for incident reports

View alerts on smartphones when

security is mobile

Link multiple properties together (optional feature)


Ideal for hospitals, schools, retailers, business and government

*Option includes ability to alert first responders without having to call them