Notify Messaging Portal

Mass notification portal, photos and live video

Follow instructions below to send message

Target delivery by clicking channel buttons

Message entry window

Additional channels can be added





Click 'Cancel' to cancel message BEFORE it's sent

Click 'Recall' to recall message AFTER it's sent

How to send a message

  1. Click blue icon button in
    yellow window above
  2. Enter your message
  3. Click channel button(s) to
    target message delivery
  4. Click Send button to
    send your message

Click black Open / Close button to access the channel guide

Monitoring channel 1

QuikHelp Notify


What you see here
is what your
recipients see






No special apps,
sign-ups, opt-ins or passwords needed!


Confidence Monitor

Channel guide

Find the target that you want to send your message to below and then click the matching blue channel button on the left to target your message delivery:

1. Demo channel

2. Channel description here

3. Channel description here

Use cases (private and mass notification)

Ideal for use by schools, hospitals, businesses, first responders, keeping the public informed and more

Messages can be viewed on smartphones via their built-in browser.  Viewing messages on desktop
computers, laptops and tablets and message delivery via text messaging is optional.

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