Parent's Portal

Be kept informed about what's happening at your child's school


What Is This?

Parent's Portal makes it easy for your school to keep you informed about important matters by sending you emergency and non-emergency alerts using this simple, easy-access portal.

Easy to use

With Parent's Portal, you can view alerts from your school using your existing internet browser—it works just like an ordinary web page.


In the event an emergency happens on campus, we will do our best to keep you informed via this portal.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR COME TO THE CAMPUS DURING THIS TIME AS WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU.  WE MUST ALSO KEEP THE ROADS CLEAR OF TRAFFIC TO ENABLE LOCAL FIRST RESPONDERS TO GET THROUGH.  Please rely on Parent's Portal for the latest news and information.  Your cooperation is appreciated!





Simple setup

Parent's Portal can be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet once you click on the link provided to you by your school—there's no special hardware, software or app needed.  Parent's Portal is also available for viewing alerts on smartphones without needing a special app.  Once open in your device's browser, bookmark it for future access.

Alert sounds

To hear incoming alert sounds, click the Turn Sound On button above (necessary when viewing this page on a Mac or tablet).  Click Off button to mute the sound.

Clear alerts

Once you have read the alert message(s), click the Clear button to hide them.

Blinking icon

The icon above blinks to let you know that the system is working and is monitoring the channel for incoming alerts.

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