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Alerts can be delivered to just about any web-enabled device including in-car mobile-display terminals, smartphones and other devices for instant notification to minimize response time.

Tip:  Enter your location info above as if you were telling 911 how to find you.  Your location info then gets saved as a preset that gets sent automatically when you click/tap 'Help'.

To run demo, simply enter your location and incident info, save it and then click/tap 'Help'

Enter anything you want

When you click 'Help', QuikHelp sends responders whatever information you have entered into the blue box above.  This info can include information about where you're located, details about the nature of the incident and other info that you want first responders to know when you click 'Help'.


Launch from your task bar

Since this is just another web page, you can have it open in a separate tab in your browser.  You can also place the red 'Help' button down in your task bar at the bottom of your screen where you can send a discreet alert with a single click even when your browser is closed.  Example:


QuikHelp is the easiest-to-deploy and easiest-to-use emergency notification solution on the market today.  With a simple click, it turns desktops, laptops and tablets into a simple and powerful alerting system.  A 'Premium' edition is  also available that does the same thing with smartphones that can be used indoors and outside.

Simple to use

Enter your location information in the blue window above and click/tap 'Save'.  Then, if you need help, click/tap the red 'Help' button to send an alert to first responders that includes your location information.   You only have to enter and save your information once, and this information can be quickly changed on the fly anytime you want to change it.

Hassle-free deployment

There's no hardware, software, or facilities upgrading needed to facilitate QuikHelp's deployment and use; QuikHelp can be operational in minutes.  And since there's no hardware or software for a hacker to hack, it's also cyber friendly on any network.

Internet-outage monitoring

This web page relies on an internet connection to send alerts for help.  QuikHelp monitors your internet connection and if it goes out, you will see an alert message above.  Once service is restored, this page will refresh itself automatically.

Browser support

QuikHelp works with internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.



Click the blue box below to enter your location and/or incident information


Click the blue 'Save' button to save your information


Click the red 'Help' button to send your alert message

QuikHelp Incident Communications Management System demo portal